Ep 17 - With Caroline Richards - mum of 4 and entrepreneur, talks about resilience and never giving up.

December 13, 2018

Episode 17 - Today I'm chatting with mum of 4 and entrepreneur Caroline Richards.  It's a great story of resilience and tenacity, of reinventing oneself and refusing to give up.  As well as being a published author, Caroline is a 'Project Catalyst' and proof that you should never give up on your goals.  You can find Caroline on Facebook and Linked in at Caroline Richards, everywhere.


Ep 16 - Chatting with ‘Mindset by Dave’ founder Dave Cottrell

November 17, 2018

Ep 16 - It's a good one!  I'm with Dave Cottrell, from 'Mindset by Dave'  We discuss mental health, mindset, boomerangs, slingshots, personality types and an AMAZING project called A Life A Day - Pay it Forward.   If you want to meet someone who genuinely has everyone else's best interests at heart, Dave's your man!

Find him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @mindsetbydave and put aside 4 mins 20 seconds to watch THIS amazing video.


Ep 15 - Gen X Shorts - Overcoming Inertia AKA Getting out of your own way!

November 2, 2018

Episode 15 - Gen X Shorts - In today's short episode I'm reading from my latest blog post, Overcoming Inertia - AKA Getting out of your own way.  We so often rely on motivation to get us to our goals and give up when the motivation fails us.  In today's episode I talk about how to get around this to ensure you hit all your goals, big or small.  Hang around to the end as I'm sharing details of a fabulous 6 week Little Black Dress Challenge to help you get in great shape for the Christmas Festivities. 

Click this link to join the challenge

Click here to join Fifty Fit and Fabulous


Ep 14 - Gen Ex Shorts Accepting responsibility and keeping an open mind

October 17, 2018

A short solo episode reflecting on how my mindset has changed around my acceptance of responsibility. A few home truths I've had to face and the ongoing voyage of discovery I find myself on.


Ep 13 with Ben Coomber - Nutritionist, Coach, Author, Speaker and Podcaster

October 10, 2018

Today I'm chatting with one of the UK's top Nutritionists Ben Coomber.  We dig into the good and the bad of slimming clubs, taking ownership of our own outcomes, the power of planning for success and a whole host of other good stuff.  It's a long one, but it's well worth the time so grab a cuppa, settle down and enjoy!

Here's the link to Ben's Awesome Supplements range. 

And if you want to learn more about nutrition from one of the UK's No 1 Health and Fitness experts you can find out more about Ben's BTN  Academy here.  Tickets for the next BTN Acandemy Conference are on sale now at just £47.  Sun 11 Nov 18 from 12-6pm at the Stansted Centre CM22 6PU.


Ep 12 with Aleta Osborn of Pure-trition

September 6, 2018

On today's episode I'm chatting with the absolutely gorgeous, bubbly Aleta Osborn, owner and founder of Pure-trition.  Pure-trition specialises in providing health coaching for men and women dealing with high blood pressure and other heart health related issues.

You can follow Aleta at her website http://pure-trition.com/ or follow her on Facebook at @pure-trition1.

Keep a look out for the link to Aleta's 40 day Cleanse starting on 1 Oct 18, which I'll be posting in the next few days.


Ep 11 - Gen X Shorts - Creating an Environment for Success

August 21, 2018

Episode 11 - In this Gen X Shorts episode I'm sharing my thoughts on creating an environment for sucess when trying to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.  Taken from a recent FB live on my FB Biz Page Floresco Health and Lifestyle Coaching


Ep 10 - Gen X Shorts - A shorter episode, no guests, just me and my thoughts!

August 10, 2018

Today it's just me and my thoughts.  I'm starting some shorter, informational episodes that I'm calling Gen X Shorts which will be typically between 15-30 minutes long - so easy, bite size episodes you can consume along with a quick cuppa.


In this first Gen X Shorts eposide I'm talking about time management and getting organised.  There's nothing more likely to stress you out than feeling overwhelmed by all the things you've got to get done and not feeling like you've got the time to do them.  


Ep 9 with Alex Brooke, travel consultant and lifelong punk rocker!

July 23, 2018

Today I'm chatting with Alex Brooke, a former Project Manager in the nuclear industry, who decided at 44 years old to ditch her successful management career, to buy a franchise in the travel industry.

Alex is a lover of adventure holidays, roller coasters and punk music!  She talks to me about why she chose to go down the franchise route rather than set up as an independent business owner.

You can check out how Alex can help you plan and create your dream holiday at http://www.notjusttravel.com/alexbrooke/



Ep 8 - With Laura Wade owner of Slipper Camps

July 12, 2018

Today I'm chatting with Laura Wade, another midlifer who changed direction from a successful career in the legal profession to becoming her own boss when she set up the novel idea of Slipper Camps. 

Laura openly shares the highs and occasional lows of being in business for yourself and explains the concept behind her latest venture.